Who’s Going Commando Today? Raising Awareness Of Male Cancer

If you’ve gone Commando this morning lads then hats (or should I say pants) off to you, you’re joining a campaign that’s set out to let the world know about the severity of male cancers and the impact they have on peoples lives. The point of this is not to be morbid, but rather to come together for the sake of humanity, health and wellbeing in a unified attempt to stand up to the big C! The main targets of this campaign are Prostate cancer, Testicular cancer and Bowel cancer, three of the main cancers afflicting us men.

The Male Cancer Awareness Campaign charity has jumped on board with the ‘Balls out challenge’ as an attempt to stem the embarrassment men feel about discussing their private parts. Like it or not, men are far less open about this sort of thing than women (in general). So if you see a chap with a ‘Going Commando’ sticker on then ask them about it and help to kick the stigma attached to these cancers in the balls (sorry, poor use of words)!