Strom R&G Max 600g

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Flavour: Chocolate
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Customer Reviews

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Actually drinkable!

Look. It’s a greens and reds product. These things aren’t supposed to taste good. To quote American Psycho: “Why isn’t it possible?” “It’s just not”.

HOWEVER. This one is the best tasting one that I’ve tried. It doesn’t taste nice, but I can drink it pretty easily and I don’t feel the need to puke. And considering the insane panel of things in it that aren’t renowned for a pleasant taste, that’s impressive. I know they’re producing a chocolate flavour now, so I’m gonna give that a try next time.

Too early to speak for the benefits (although the montmorency cherry seems to be helping some of my reflux symptoms) but Strom are fantastic, so I’ve no doubt it’ll do it’s job.

Bravo, Strom! You took a notoriously foul-tasting category of supplements, and put it in a formula that doesn’t give you a near-death experience when you drink it. Tea and medals for you.

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